Exporting and high-end national trading are our key objectives this year!
We are collaborating with Authorities & Counsels, Hosting more ambassadors, Egyptian Foreign Chambers of Commerce, and more media to ensure delivering your business value globally and enhancing your exporting and trading capabilities.
Go Global, and enhance your business with the high exposure of “Ismailia Mango Festival 2023”:

1- IMF Official Website & Social Media:
AWebsite: The website will simply include everything your clients need,

including Exporters, Producers & Traders page, showing logos, photos, website links,

Social links, & Brief about our sponsors.
– Festival program, Map, Gallery, Applications & Volunteering, and more.
BSocial Media: Get your slice of the top trending festival in Egypt, our engaged influencers sum up +50M. followers.
2- Roadshow:
We are adding new elements to the roadshow this year, to ensure a sky-high brand recognition to our sponsors, This is the highest media exposed part of “Ismailia Mango Festival”.
3- VIP Zone:
A- Day 1: “Export & Trade Exhibition”: (Invitations Only)
More Authorities, Counsels, Ambassadors, Exporters, Bloggers, and Media, in the 1st day of the festival, where business deals are made within the highest national and international levels of exposure.
B- Day 2: “National Trade Exhibition”
While day 1 entrance will be limited by VIP invitations, there will be tickets for Day 2, Engage with your class A Clients on day 2, in a classy atmosphere of live performance, games, competitions, and our unique mango photo wall.
4- Open Area:
Connect, interact, and directly sell to the public in the open entertainment area and

shopping bazaar, with a huge mix of music, games, competitions, and free gifts for more than 10,000 people.


your involvement in our event will be mutually beneficial and we are excited to work with you to create a customized sponsorship package that meets your needs and objectives

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