It all started when the government decided to launch  the first round of the festival in collaboration with the mango union of Ismailia in 2022  and were able to celebrate our delicious mangos AKA "king of fruits" with a fun festival for all family members on August in our lovely city ISMAILIA. The festival offered a roadshow, bazaar, and mango mini market In the No. 6 arena.

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Festival Objectives

Special thanks to

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We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the VIPs who attended our last mango festival, including the City Governor and Ambassadors from around the world. Your presence and support helped to make our festival a truly special and memorable occasion, and we are grateful for your contribution to its success


Your attendance at the festival not only showcased your passion for food and travel, but also helped to raise awareness of the importance of supporting local businesses and industries. Your coverage of the festival helped to highlight the many attractions that make our festival unique, and helped to promote the joy of fresh mangoes to your followers around the world


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your time and effort in covering the festival, and for your continued support of our mission to promote the goodness of fresh mangoes. Your coverage of the festival helped to create a buzz around the event and helped to inspire others to attend and experience the festival for themselves